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PaleoScene features high quality fossil casts and real fossils at very affordable prices.

Fossil casts, also called fossil replicas or fossil reproductions, allow students, collectors, scientists, and others interested in prehistoric life to handle and study precise replicas of fascinating and even famous fossils without risking damage to the originals, and at a small fraction of the cost. Our museum-quality fossil reproductions are produced from original fossil specimens (not from sculptures, as are many replicas at some websites). They include a variety of well-preserved and historically important specimens from several different geologic periods, including trilobites, ammonites, crinoids, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, as well as one of the largest selections of dinosaur and pre-dinosaur track casts available anywhere. Each fossil replica is carefully cast in high-strength gypsum cement and meticulously hand painted to replicate the natural appearance of the original specimen. Resin composition is available at additional cost (please contact us for quotes on resin casts). The largely flat casts (such as the pterodactyls and ancient birds) come with sturdy hangers on the back. The paper-weight sized and more 3-dimensional casts come with felt pads on the bottom. All include full identification labels indicating the specimen's scientific name, locality, geologic period, and formation.

The real fossils at PaleoScene feature a variety of high quality fossils. We can offer these at surprisingly low prices (often less than half that of other suppliers), since many of them we have personally collected (eliminating middle-man mark ups). Special pricing is available for bulk purchases.


To order, please simply send an email to indicating the items you are interested in. We will get back to you promptly with shipping options and costs. We accept payment by check, money order, or PayPal (you can also pay with a credit card through PayPal, whether or not you have a PayPal account). Discounts available for teachers and educational organizations. Wholesale inquiries welcome. If you have any questions or are looking for a cast or fossil you do not see here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are often acquiring new material.


Glen Kuban, President


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